Great games deserve to be experienced by as many players as possible, whether you are an established powerhouse or an indie looking to expand your horizon, we got your back. Players favor Abstraction Games’ adaptations, which are regarded as the best on their new hardware, due to our exceptional attention to detail and our deep platform know-how.

With our cross disciplinary team consisting of industry veterans, experienced engineers and expert artists and designers, we cover all bases. We’ll guide concepts through platform submission approval, tailor any game to platform perfection, expand your audience through localization and make sure your game meets the highest quality standards. We’ll even publish your game and whet the appetites of your new audience if you so desire.


Supported Platforms


Total Adaptations

I'm sold, so what's next?

Get in touch

Typically, we get in touch first. You can use the email address in the header for any general inquiries or if you have a great game that you’d like to see released on more platforms, mail us at


We’ll sign your NDA and you can send us your source code from which we create a custom assessment. We look at the code, the engine, the sources assets and come back to you with our proposal and dedicated planning.

What's a typical Adaptation schedule look like?


After the resources have been assigned and our planning is finalized we add a milestone schedule as part of our contract. A typical milestone planning looks like this:

  1. Signature
  2. Straightforward Port
  3. Platform Tailoring
  4. Beta Build
  5. Certification Process
  6. Gold Master Deliver
  7. Post Launch Services


What does an Adaptation cost?

There’s no straight answer to this question. It all depends on the game, to which platforms you’d like to see it adapted and if you like us to publish your game. Also, we’re open to different kinds of deals where costs can be lowered in favor of shared royalties, for instance. All in all, we’re sure we can work something out, we’re quite flexible.

What is expected from me?

We go to great length to make your life as easy as possible, which means that we can take care of the complete process. But if you’d like to have complete creative control, that that’s totally possible. You like to handle meta game images or like to take care of the QA process yourself? That’s great and we’ll be glad to facilitate any of your needs.


Concept Development

Got a great idea and want to see it materialize into a full game? Do you own valuable IP and like to create a great gaming experience around it? Our in-house team of designers, artists and engineers can develop any game concept from scratch to store front.

Perfect Adaptations

Abstraction Games are renowned for their perfect adaptations of great games on new platforms, and many of our adaptations are even regarded as best played on their new homes. Porting a game - which might be a technical challenge - is our starting milestone, but a great adaptation doesn't stop there. Optimizing controls, the user interface and leveraging the unique features of each platform to their fullest creates the best experience possible for your new target audience.

  • Fun
  • Variety
  • Value

Reviews & Testings

During the adaptation process we put our games through vigorous testing to ensure a smooth certification process on all major platforms. Thanks to our extensive experience on creating console games we are now able to offer an additional review service, looking through the eyes of players and press and creating a detailed report filled with reccomendations to improve the game (concept) geared towards console players.


Abstraction Games is a certified publisher for all major platform holders, including Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment in all territories. We offer our publishing service as we found that setting up the required contacts, managing the required services and getting games in the spotlight of the press and players can be quite challenging for some of our clients, especially for indies. Localization, back-end and digital store management, trailers, press contacts and post-launch customer service can all be handled by Abstraction Games as your publishing party, so you can focus on what matters most, creating the best possible game you can.


Abstraction Games Clients and Partners

Abstraction Games is a game development and platform adaptation studio favored by players, publishers and passionate dev-partners alike. We create, adapt and publish great games from and to any platform imaginable.

You got a great game? We got your back!