Abstraction Games is expanding rapidly and we’re currently looking for talented people to join us in working on the big IPs. If you haven’t already done so, why not take a look at our growing portfolio? Don’t hesitate to send us an open application if your particular job title isn’t listed below.

When applying for a job at Abstraction Games, make sure to send us a cover letter and a resume, and in case of artists and designers please also send your portfolio.

Senior Programmers

Abstraction Games is looking for Senior Programmers who are willing to get down and dirty bringing the greatest games to all current platforms.


  • Offer, architect and maintain solutions for new technology supporting our own games
  • Lead small teams in creating our finest adaptations
  • Extend and maintain our in-house cross-platform engine Silverware


  • Passion for making great games
  • Management and leadership skills


  • At least 5 years of professional experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or related field.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent programming skills in C++.
  • Experience with cross-platform development.
  • Experience with console development.
  • Strong English communication and writing skills.
  • Ability to work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.
  • Be proactive, self-motivated and keep a positive team-oriented attitude.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn and grow professionally.

Art Director

Abstraction Games is looking for an Art Director who will guide and direct a small and growing art team, improve straightforward ports into perfect visual adaptations, define the art direction for concepts through various prototyping stages and be a key contributor in creating our own IP. You will work with some of the industry’s most talented people in an ever-changing environment with great and varying projects.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant studies.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience, with at least one released title credited as Art Director.
  • Released several games and familiar with every step of the art production process.
  • Ability to flesh out an original artistic vision based on game concept briefs.
  • Ability to define and maintain a coherent art direction for games.
  • Ability to define and improve processes and methodology for effective art production.
  • Familiar with relevant tools and technology.
  • Expert in at least one art specialty like concept art, modelling, animation, video editing, video post-processing, etc.
  • Excellent communicator with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Ability to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Ability to work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.
  • Proactive, self-motivated and with a positive, team-oriented attitude.
  • Demonstrable ability to lead an art team to deliver high quality output.
  • Ability to mentor junior, mid-level and senior artists in various art disciplines.
  • Demonstrates a desire to learn and grow professionally.


  • Transform straightforward ports to perfect adaptations by improving the visual quality in ways that maximize their potential on the new target hardware.
  • Adapt and improve the art direction for new visual content, graphic assets, UI elements and other art assets to reinvigorate their appeal on the new target hardware.
  • Develop comprehensive guidelines for art direction of new concepts through different stages of development for both our own IP and our clients’.
  • Maintain a clear art direction for each of the projects involved and lead a small team of artists to deliver the highest quality art content for games.


  • Passion for making great games.
  • Experience with console and cross-platform development.
  • Demonstrable management and leadership skills.
  • Proven experience in creating support art and media such as concept art, drawings, painting, video or film production/post-production.

Business Controller

In our small financial team, you and your colleagues are responsible for accurate reporting. You are the financial conscience of the CEO.


  • You have affinity with videogames and like to play yourself, at least occasionally.
  • You have a deep knack for figures, and you like to dive into financial data to do in-depth investigations. You are able to spot structure and gain insight in such figures as you encounter them.
  • You are an important part of the company’s financial conscience. The management can trust you blindly and will receive clear and attractive financial results fror you at which point they can immediately start using it.
  • You are always up-to-date with the latest financial legislation and regulations, as you are responsible for financial control and  monthly reporting.
  • You do not shy away from working with our external AA accountant.


We Offer

  • A monthly salary and 8% holiday allowance.
  • The necessary training and courses.
  • An unprecedented working atmosphere with weekly drinks at our own bar, Christmas celebration and fun staff parties.
  • 24 paid vacation days. But only if you promise to come back!
  • Coverage of travel expenses.

We Expect

  • You have a completed HBO education.
  • You have 3 to 5 years of work experience in a similar position or in the audit department of an accounting firm.
  • You are both super accurate as well as pragmatic, and you know exactly when to use what trait.
  • Both Exact and Excel have no secrets for you.
  • You devour financial reports as if you were reading a good book. You can spot important details at a sheer glance.
  • You master the Dutch and English language perfectly in word and writing.
  • You interact with all employees within Abstraction Games, from programmer or creative artist to the management team. You are strong enough to communicate with everyone from all disciplines within the company.
  • You are available for 32-40 hours a week.


  • A job at one of the fastest growing Games companies.
  • Space for new initiatives and ideas. We are always open to this, whether you work with us for a week, a month or 10 years.
  • Challenging work, so that you occasionally forget you are still working.
  • Collaborate in an international environment with colleagues and customers from all parts of the world.

System Administrator

Abstraction Games is looking for an experienced System Administrator who enjoys building and optimising infrastructure on a daily basis in an effort to help increase productivity for the people that use it. You also gladly accept the extra challenge of maintaining a positive attitude in a highly dynamic environment where requirements can change overnight!


  • Maintain, monitor and roll out updates on internal and hosted systems and infrastructure.
  • Design, implement and roll out new systems that improve our production processes.
  • Be the go-to-guy/gal for technical inquiries brought up by your colleagues.
  • Facilitate infrastructure governing designing systems all the way to cutting and installing cables.


  • Facilitate, maintain and roll out our ICT-infrastructure.
  • Provide ICT support to your colleagues.
  • Collaborate with programmers and producers to ever improve their production efficiency.
  • Advise on hardware and software acquisition with regards to support of our company processes.


  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science level of thinking.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a System Administrator at one or more Software Development companies.
  • You have profound knowledge of a variety of Windows, macOS and Linux OS versions.
  • You are always hungry for knowledge and you are used to stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • You are self-supported, aware of the skills you already possess and also where you have growth potential.
  • You handle stress well and you are determined to improve your infrastructure step-by-step every single day in order to increase your productivity and that of your colleagues.

Bonus Skills

  • Knowledge of Version Control Systems.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration.
  • Experience with Scripting Languages / Software Development.
  • Experience in the Games Industry.
  • You are an avid gamer.
  • Work experience with Console Development Kits and/or Test Kits.

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