Abstraction Games is one of the leading Adaptation and Co-Development studios operating in the videogame industry today. Based in the Netherlands but with employees from all over the world, we bring passion and an overwhelming love for videogames into every project we work on.

Some of the major titles Abstraction Games have worked on are Angry Birds, Hotline Miami 1 & 2, Awesomenauts, Don’t Starve, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon Neon, BloodRayne Betrayal, Duke Nukem Megaton Edition, Verdun, Danganronpa Reloaded, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Citadel: Forged with Fire, King of Fighters XIV, The Sexy Brutale and ARK: Survival Evolved!

Our services include Porting, Co-Development and Consultancy and we also manage external Localization and Quality Assurance processes. As such we can work completely autonomously, such that our partners can focus on their core expertise. We use flexible business models, both work-for-hire as well as co-investment. Get in touch and we’ll work something out!

8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I

Three classic 80s thriller adventure games in one package.
Get it now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam!

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The King of Fighters XIV

The newest entry of the iconic series.
Get it now on Steam!

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The Sexy Brutale

A time-loop murder-mystery adventure.
Get it on Xbox One and PS4!

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ARK: Survival Evolved

Definitive online dinosaur survival.
Get it now on PS4!

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Abstraction Games is a game development and porting studio popular with players, publishers and dev-partners alike. We develop, enhance and port games from and to any platform imaginable.

You got a great game? We got your back!